Morgan Creekmore



A research project involving networked Linux VMs at scale. It uses OpenVZ to create 10,000 VMs and incorporates a user-friendly web interface which displays a 3D graph of the network. The web interface includes an xterm terminal allowing access to the currently selected VM in the graph.


Access control system for managing admins and bans for game servers. It provides an API for game servers to query access levels and ban status of connecting players.

Word Particles

Turns words into exploding particles using three.js.


High School senior project for a mind controlled robotic arm, using Emotiv Headset and homemade robotic arm.



An event-driven Python framework for building custom Minecraft clients and bots. It contains base plugins for interacting with the Minecraft server, and provides a system for writing custom plugins.


A port of the SteamKit2 library that implements the Steam network protocol in Go to allow automation of various actions through the Steam service.

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